Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Free Parental Control Software

You may be able to attain free parental control software (also known as free computer monitoring software) or at least a free keylogger software trial download. Just type: "free parenting software," "free keylogging software," or "free parental control software" into the Google search box.

If you are required to pay a "deposit" or anything upfront, don't do it. Only download the software if it is completely free - or at least free for a period of time. Most legitimate companies will provide a free download of limited software - whereby you would only gain full functionality after you pay their fee.

Also, read their disclosures and/or agreements. Make sure they do not intend to sell your personal information or pass it on to anyone. If their disclaimer says that they will be placing a "cookie" on your computer so they can track you in order to provide you with better customer service, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. You can check them out by typing their company name into the Google search box. If they have been involved in any funny business, warnings will be plastered allover the search page.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Find Out What Your Teen Is Doing Online!

Parenting Teens Advice
Modern technology now enables us to track and view every click, web page, chat, and basically every move made on any computer with key logging software. This sophisticated software technology can be instantly downloaded to any desktop computer or laptop. Once downloaded, you will be able to follow the user's every step and path; read every word typed on the keyboard and every word written in response. So, although parenting teens with love is best, sometimes, monitoring solutions come in handy.

But the best part is that these key logging programs are ABSOLUTELY undetectable. The user will never know that he or she is being tracked.
So before you conduct an online search for troubled teens schools, military academy, or boot camp, give keylogging software a chance. It will help you gain some insight to your teen's emotional and mental condition.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shocking Statistics

Did you know that one third of teens have talked with strangers online about meeting in person? Nearly one in eight have learned that adults online were pretending to be younger!

A survey on youth Internet behavior and experiences, conducted by the Poly Klaas Foundation three years ago, revealed risks teens and tweens take online - the question is, has there been any improvement in these numbers due to increased awareness of both parents and teens or has it gotten worse?

The three-year old nationwide poll revealed that:
  • Half of teens 13-18 have communicated online with someone they have never met.
  • One third have talked about meeting in person someone they only know online.
  • One in 10 have learned that someone communicating with them online was an adult pretending to be much younger.
I will conduct in-depth research and get back to you with some answers to the question I've presented. I welcome you to share statistical data from reliable sources. Just leave a comment on the blog.
Key Logging Software

If you have a teenage kid (let alone an out of control teen), I don't have to tell you how scary it is knowing that he or she is exposed to the entire world and all its evils through the Internet. Spy software for parents will enable you to track their moves so you can intervene if and when the situation requires you to. Whatever your reason, if you need to track anyone's online actions, the software products, shown under Recommended Software to your right, will do the job beautifully and inexpensively. We spent months conducting research on these products and found that only two of them measure up to our expectations and here's why:

The software:
- Is less expensive than their competitors.
- Offers a money back guarantee.
- Provides a customer service phone number.
- Includes Free email based tech support.
- Is easy to download and use.
- Can be used to track any of the following:
- E-mail
- Chat Rooms
- Instant Messenger
- Profiles
- Screen Names
- Passwords
- Websites Visited
- Programs Used
- Keystrokes
- Screen Shots